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Clean Water for Africa

Currently, weServeEats is partnering with UnveilinGLORY's Project 9.7 to provide food and clean water to remote villages in Kenya. Join us in helping to adopt families with $9/month to get them through to the rainy season.

An excerpt from their site is below.

Project 9.7

"1 million people are just like Mama Akiru. They live in Northern Kenya and are starving to death this year due to a prolonged drought. But 98% of them haven’t received any food like her. You don’t see them on our evening news, and because their government hasn’t declared it an emergency, not even the U.N. is reaching them.

Join Project 9.7, an initiative to adopt 140,000 families by giving $9 a month for 7 months (through Nov 2019) when rain will hopefully have come to produce a harvest, so these families are once again able to provide for themselves."